I Wanted Him to Stay in the Same School

My 13 year old son goes to Manassas Christian School. He has been in this school system for the last two years, and he absolutely loves it there. That is why I wanted to find an apartment that would still make it possible for him to go there when we had to move suddenly. I looked at the apartment complexes that are close to the school he attends, and that is how I found Palisades at Manassas Park. This is a fairly new apartment complex that has everything either one of us could need or want, and the location is ideal for both of us.

There were several floor plans for two bedroom units, and I took my time looking at all of them. My son is only 13 right now, and he has not gotten to the point where he wants a lot of privacy yet. I knew that was coming though, as I could remember back to my own youth and needing a certain level of privacy as I got older. That is why I settled on The Union floor plan. It doesn’t hurt that it is also the largest floor plan available here too, at 1282 square feet of living space.

Our bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. His is right by the front door, and mine is in the back by the kitchen. We both have a private bathroom to use, though his is also the guest bathroom should anyone come over and need to use it. It did not take us long to get situated in it, and I am just very thankful that he is able to continue to go to the school where he is growing by leaps and bounds. It doesn’t hurt that my commute has been shortened a bit too!