Helping Our Company to Have a Better Internet Presence Has Really Helped

When my husband told me that he needed help at his shop, I jumped at the chance to work with him. I had been learning a lot of different ways to boost a business, and I was eager to put some of the things I had learned into place there. I had previously told him that he needs to buy real Instagram followers and get with it when it comes to social media, but he felt that he had no time to do that on his own. He also felt that he wasn’t quite tech savvy enough to do something like that. I discussed a lot of other business plans with him, and that is when he said that he wanted me to try to do it for him.

When we first married, we talked about having lots of kids. Altogether, we have 5, wonderful children. This has kept me busy for many years. We both decided that I should stay home until the very last one reached the age of 18. This means that I have been a stay at home mom for almost 2 decades. I have been feeling empty nest syndrome in the last couple of years, and I found myself wanting to work. In our small town, there are not very many job options. So this is yet another reason that I was so pleased with my husband asking to come work at his shop.

After two months of working on changing a lot of things with my husband’s business, he came to me one day and told me that the shop is now doing better than it has been doing in the last 10 years. He said the number one reason for this is that we now have the business online, and we are getting a lot of online orders. I handle all the packaging and shipping. We are now making more money than we have in a long time.